REDTEK Consulting

Bringing Global Product Line Management Into Focus

The product landscape is vast and ever changing, if a product is under developed the market may never forgive however if it is over developed the market may cease to exist.  REDTEK Consulting will help deliver the right solution at the right time.  Our Global Product Managers cut their teeth working for Fortune 500 corporations and now deliver that expertise to our clients.  They command a unique blend of business and technical savvy, big-picture vision, and a drive to make that vision a reality.  REDTEK has a wide range of international market experience within Consumer Electronics, Consumer and Commercial Wireless, Internet of Things (IoT), Government, Military, First Responders, Industrial, Public Safety, Educational, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Multiple System Operators (MSO), and ancillary markets allows us to grow your market and expand into new ones.  Bring REDTEK Consulting's full Product Lifecycle Management expertise, solutions, and focus into your company to expand its success now and well into the future.

REDTEK Consulting has the expertise to manage every stage of product evolution from concept to End of Life.  We create and develop products for new and existing markets, expand existing product lines into new markets, and produce product evolution roadmaps.  We realign portfolios for defensive positioning of existing and new products to create barriers to entry.  We provide New Product Introduction to global manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution with full maintenance of line support.  We develop Total Available Market / Serviceable Available Market, build / buy, and constrained resource analysis.  We provide Integrated Business Plans, Marketing Requirement Documents, Return on Investment analysis, and Profit & Loss analysis.  We are a full Product Lifecycle Management shop that understands every aspect of product development, from acquiring senior management commitment to sales call closing.